One Year Later….

And here I am. It's been a year since I had double jaw surgery, and let me tell you: it's been a ride and half! I've been up, down, and everything in between it seems. But generally speaking, I think I'm doing ok. Maybe better than ok. Almost, good. I think I'd like to talk… Continue reading One Year Later….


I like me.

I'm having a rough go of it recently. Recovering from my operation has been tough. I'm finding it hard to balance being active and resting. Some days I feel really good so I'll go and do Some Stuff, but it will exhaust me so I have to stop and rest for a few days. Plus,… Continue reading I like me.

8 weeks later….

I'm doing ok, I think. The first few days immediately following my operation were hellish. Like, wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, hellish. The next couple weeks got easier. Pain meds were my saviours. Now I'm waiting for my braces and trying to get my life back to some semblance of normal. It's weird. Some… Continue reading 8 weeks later….

Stuff on the side (Side Effects)

So, being a chronic pain sufferer sucks. No two ways about it. No matter what kind of illness/disease/condition you are dealing with, there is a shit ton of other stuff you have to worry about. For me, my TMJD is triggered mostly by talking, laughing, smiling; all good things in life. So this in turn… Continue reading Stuff on the side (Side Effects)

Let’s take it back to the beginning.

I've struggled with my whole ear/nose/throat area for as long as I can remember. Ear infections, tonsillitis, sore throats: all on a regular basis. Every time I went swimming, I would get a really painful ear infection. Constantly down with bouts of tonsillitis too - I seemed to catch it as easily as catching a… Continue reading Let’s take it back to the beginning.

Bed Fort. Bort. Lol, Laura you’re an idiot.

Remember when you were a kid and you'd make dens all over house with sheets and blankets? And then you'd sit in them for hours and read, or have a snack, or play a game. Best fun ever, amirite? Since becoming a chronic pain sufferer, I've considered my bed to be like those dens or… Continue reading Bed Fort. Bort. Lol, Laura you’re an idiot.