One Year Later….

And here I am. It's been a year since I had double jaw surgery, and let me tell you: it's been a ride and half! I've been up, down, and everything in between it seems. But generally speaking, I think I'm doing ok. Maybe better than ok. Almost, good. I think I'd like to talk… Continue reading One Year Later….



So its been a while. I haven't had much motivation to write recently. Partly because I've been getting out of the house, and partly because my health has been seesaw-ing like a mother chuffer. I've had some lovely times out with my family - went to see my honorary little sister perform in her touring… Continue reading Optimistic

I like me.

I'm having a rough go of it recently. Recovering from my operation has been tough. I'm finding it hard to balance being active and resting. Some days I feel really good so I'll go and do Some Stuff, but it will exhaust me so I have to stop and rest for a few days. Plus,… Continue reading I like me.

Here we go…

I've been given a date for my double jaw surgery. And it's soon. Like, a month away, soon. I don't want to give specifics until I get closer to the date, as I'm a little anxious that something might go wrong or it might get cancelled. But yeah, it's so weird that it's finally happening!… Continue reading Here we go…

Not dressed up, and nowhere to go

So, I like clothes. I like make up. I like sparkly accessories and jewellery. But as a spoonie, it's hard to find the energy to get dressed up for bed, let alone leaving the house. So I like to make sure I wear stuff that's comfy AND stylish all in one. I also have a… Continue reading Not dressed up, and nowhere to go

Me and my Smile – some stuff about body positivity

"Oii, Chinner!" I was about 12 when some random lad called me this in the hallway at school. I can't remember if I said anything back to him - I probably just laughed it off. Cos that's what I did. Who I was. The funny one. The girl who got on better with the lads… Continue reading Me and my Smile – some stuff about body positivity