8 weeks later….


I’m doing ok, I think.

The first few days immediately following my operation were hellish. Like, wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, hellish.

The next couple weeks got easier. Pain meds were my saviours.

Now I’m waiting for my braces and trying to get my life back to some semblance of normal. It’s weird.

Some things I wish I’d known before having the operation:

  • The liquid diet part doesn’t last as long as you think it will.

Honestly. It felt like forever when was in the midst of it all, but in reality it was about 3/4 weeks.

  • The pain afterwards is bad.

The first few days are intensely sore and painful and difficult and stressful. Don’t let your pain meds lapse just because you had a fleeting few minutes of feeling ok. It’s a trap.

  • Syringes = Life

I used syringes for everything for the first few days. They’re amazing for helping get food/drink/medicine into your mouth when it’s all banded up and super sore.

  • Don’t try ANYTHING with an ounce of acidity to it for the first 2 weeks

My mum bought me some yummy baby custard-dessert type thing, but it made my mouth so sore – it had pureed apple in it. Even that was too much.

Other than that, everything is fairly normal.

I am struggling to talk, and my mouth doesn’t feel like it belongs to me. Feels like I’m constantly wearing some kind of denture or mouth guard. My great-aunt says that her knee replacement felt the same. This brought me some strange comfort.

I’ve been given the all clear to eat what I want (within reason), but I still can’t open my mouth very wide or chew much. Guess I have to build up the strength in my muscles again. Man, I am hankering after a cheeseburger something fierce.




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