Here we go…

I’ve been given a date for my double jaw surgery.

And it’s soon.

Like, a month away, soon.

I don’t want to give specifics until I get closer to the date, as I’m a little anxious that something might go wrong or it might get cancelled.

But yeah, it’s so weird that it’s finally happening! I am feeling very nervous and excited simultaneously:

  • The surgery itself is a big deal – they’re gonna be breaking and re-positioning my jaws!
  • I’m gonna be under general anesthetic and have to stay in hospital for a couple nights
  • My face is gonna look super different when it’s done and healed. I know I will still look like me, but just different. WAHHHH!
  • I’m in for a long road to recovery – I will have to have braces and the healing process can take a while.
  • LIQUID DIET. Ugh, just no.
  • I could be pain free. Like, I could have a normal life. A job, friends, fun.

These are the main thoughts rolling around my brain right now. This surgery could change my life. I’m not entirely sure I’m ready, but here we go!



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