Next steps…

After trying an actual metric fuck tonne of treatments for my jaw, I’ve decided to go for surgery to correct my bite, which should ease (hopefully get rid of) my pain.

But because I’m a special snowflake and can’t do things normally, it turns out I’ve got to have the surgery BEFORE having braces. Usually it’s braces for a year, operation with braces still on, then braces for a year after. 

Not for me. Ohhhh no. Laura always has to be different!

My teeth have been trying to compensate for my bite as they’ve grown, and apparently if I have braces first, they will just break off as a result of the angle and spacing of my teeth. 

This means my jaw and teeth will need realigning before I can have braces. So they will do this first.

The operation will involve breaking my jaws, moving bits around, taking out teeth, and holding everything in it’s new place with metal plates. I can expect to be in hospital for a couple of days. During my recovery, I will consume a liquid diet. Anything that can be delivered via syringe – yay.

After this, I’m not entirely sure what to expect. I’ve done so much research into this surgery, but everyone has always had it done in the ‘usual’ order. 

I know I will need to have braces fitted at some point. 

I just hope this is the thing that works. 


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