Oh, Coventry. Home of awesome doctors

So. I’ve been taken on by Coventry Hospital’s maxillofacial department who are going to perform my surgery and fit my braces. And man, are they awesome or what. Also, my dentist is a major rock star too.

I’ve been seeing the consultant at Leicester Royal Infirmary for about 4 years, and have been seeing my Gp about my pain for about 8. So I’ve tried a fair few things in my quest to live pain free. 

However, it always seemed that surgery was the end goal – a big deal, game changing, potentially wouldn’t help goal – but we decided to try loads of different things before deciding that surgery was the last option.

I’ve tried:

  • Physio
  • Acupuncture 
  • Therapy
  • Bite raising appliances
  • Steroid injections in my face (these HURT)
  • Many, many, many medications

How many do you think helped? None.

Pain relief meds help when I’m having a flare but they knock me out for days, so not really a viable option for everyday living.

This is when I expected my consultant to say yes to the operation – and he did. With a caveat: I had to source my own orthodontist as Leicesters waiting list has closed.

So off to my dentist I skipped. Well I didn’t skip but it sounds nicer than ‘moped over in pain’. He was an absolute legend – listened to what I had to say, took on board my pain levels and how long I’ve waited for something that will help, and said he would refer me personally to the orthodontic departments in the Midlands. Like I said, rock star.

Not long after this, i was offered a last minute appointment at Coventry’s joint orthodontic and maxillofacial clinic, where I met Mr Stockton(oral surgeon) and Mr Linklater(orthodontist). They had knowledge of my situation before I entered the room – at Leicester it seemed I had to explain my whole back story every time I went – and pretty much were just awesome. 

They sent me for new moulds and photographs for my file, and had me wait while my moulds set so they could decide there and then if they could help me. 

I spent about 2 hours there, and felt more at ease, listened to, and cared for by each member of staff I encountered, than I have in the years I’ve been attending Leicester’s maxillofacial unit. Seriously.


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