Bed Fort. Bort. Lol, Laura you’re an idiot.

Remember when you were a kid and you’d make dens all over house with sheets and blankets? And then you’d sit in them for hours and read, or have a snack, or play a game. Best fun ever, amirite?

Since becoming a chronic pain sufferer, I’ve considered my bed to be like those dens or forts I used to make. Albeit, not so much fun!

I have a funny little setup of things around me, at arms reach, that cover most eventualities. Extra pillows and blankets, meds, notebook, snacks, iPod, tissues; all live to my left. To my right are my water bottle, little rubbish bin, Lucozade stash, handbag, and extension cable. My laptop and electric heatpad are also permanent features.

To make it look pretty, I have a string of fairy lights over my headboard, and pictures of my family on the wall.

So yeah. Not as fun as when I was a kid. But I still get that feeling of safety and comfort from it. And that’s pretty cool.


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